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Available for 
Siemens Healthineers

Magnetom 3T Scanners

Our featherlight, flexible body array delivers extraordinary images, which may improve patient throughput and deliver a unique patient experience. InkSpace Imaging's MRI adult and child coils are FDA-cleared.

Get closer to your patient with a versatile MR RF Coil 

The innovative, versatile design adapts to all body shapes, sizes, and ages. Our split pad featherlight-designed MR coil provides positioning freedom with 360-degree coverage.

InkSpace Imaging Pediatric Body Array
[InkSpace Imaging] Pediatric body array designed for neonates to adolescents

Achieve resolution and acceleration

Ultra-high spatial

resolution (5 yo)

Resolution at speed

(3 yo)

Resolution at speed

(4 yo)

For all patient anatomies

inkspace imaging mr rf coils improve radiology.png

Fast, Easy Setup

Using the split-access feature, radiologists and MRI technologists can quickly and easily set up a patient with our MRI coil.

The body array cable does not lay on the patient for maximum patient comfort.

Choose Inkspace

"Having the posterior coil elements so close to the patients really make a difference."

It is not common that we can see the mitral valve leaflets, mitral valve chordae, papillary muscles in such exquisite detail.

InkSpace Imaging Dr. Wilson King

Wilson King, MD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics 

Saint Louis University School of Medicine

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