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Flexible pad adapts to a variety of body parts, shapes, and anatomies for ease of positioning

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Enhanced Patient Comfort

Featherlight, soft, and form-fitting to reduce patient stress with its blanket like comfort

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Fast Throughput

The split pad allows for fast patient positioning reducing scan time to improve ROI  

InkSpace Imaging Adult Body Array

Get Close to See More

Printed next-generation coil technology allows a multi-directional increase in spatial resolution and productivity enhancements to consistently obtain high-resolution images that enable faster diagnosis for improved clinical confidence. 


Radiologists may detect small pathology details, and MR technologists can achieve faster sequences.

  • Flexible array enables a close fit to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio and provide high spatial and temporal resolution

  • High coil density maximizes parallel imaging capabilities to improve imaging speed

  • Coil elements are sized for all patients and without hard nodules so patients can lie on the array comfortably

Silhouette 3T MRI System Compatibility

These SIEMENS 3T and GE 3T systems are compatible with the Silhouette adult body array. Please check back for updates as we add more models.


  • Vida   

  • Lumina 

  • Skyra  

  • Vida Fit   

  • Prisma 

  • Prisma Fit   

  • Cima.X  


  • 750

  • 750W

  • PET/MR

Perfect for Sports Injury Diagnosis and Care

InkSpace IMaging Body Array to diagnose motion injuries

Our body array generates images of the body's internal structure in minute detail, giving physicians a clear picture of any injury. By using a smaller body array, radiologists can pinpoint areas of concern that larger arrays could overlook.

Injury Diagnosis 

Get a detailed look at injuries, enabling a fast accurate diagnosis.

Treatment Planning 

With the insight provided by imaging,  devise personalized, effective treatment plans.

Preventive Care 

Identify potential areas of concern before they evolve into serious injuries, helping to maintain peak athletic performance.

Clinical Images

Immerse yourself in our comprehensive range of detailed clinical images. See the intricate details and exceptional diagnostic image quality that help achieve a faster, complete clinical diagnosis.

Read our Case Studies

Learn how InkSpace Imaging's award-winning body array is the new industry standard for radiologists and MR technicians to improve patient diagnosis and care

Radiologists ask about our try before you buy demo program


A body array 

 for a fast and 

efficient MR suite throughput

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