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About InkSpace Imaging

InkSpace Imaging offers excellent career opportunities

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) experience for healthcare professionals, radiologists, MRI technologists, and patients by providing superior comfort and performance at a lower cost with lightweight MRI-receive coils that are adaptable, allowing you to get closer to your patient.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a wide selection of flexible, tailored feather-light MR Coils for diagnostic imaging and multi-modality systems.


We create innovative affordable printing technology combined with unique magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) coil designs that increase patient access to MRI at elevated levels of comfort and performance.

InkSpace Imaging MRI Team has a depth of radiology experience
InkSpace Imaging Employees solve pressing radiology and mri coil challenges

Our Quality Commitment

InkSpace Imaging is committed to delivering safe and innovative medical devices which improve patient outcomes while exceeding the expectation of our customers. 

We strive for continuous improvement and to meet all applicable requirements.

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