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24-channels optimized to increase scan acceleration

Soft, flexible and adaptable with split pad for 360° patient access

Multi-diagnostic MR coil capabilities eliminates multiple rigid coils

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Small Animal

Veterinary MRI Body Array

The only flexible, adaptable, and multi-anatomic veterinary MRI body array

Unparalleled image quality

  • Flexible MR coil enables a close fit to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio and provide high spatial and temporal resolution

Reduce patient sedation or anesthesia

  • Soft, flexible coil adapts to the patient who can be imaged sitting or lying down increasing cooperation and eliminating anxiety.

Versatile clinical functionality

  • Confidently diagnose soft tissue diseases, ligament and meniscal injuries, cranial and vertebral anomalies, and assess brachial plexus and muscular diseases.

InkSpace IMaging Adult Body Arrays

Fast and easy patient access

  • 2 pads, each with 12 channels allows for smaller elements to be scanned with greater coil channel density

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Veterinary Clinical Examination Uses

Neurological and spinal cord disorders

Diagnose neurological conditions, including brain and spinal cord tumors, epilepsy, encephalitis, and other diseases that affect the central nervous system.

Orthopedic conditions


Get detailed images of soft tissues around joints, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage making it easy to diagnose conditions like joint disease, ligament tears, and tendon injuries

Soft tissue injuries

Identify soft tissue injuries, including those in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that are not visible on X-rays.

Cancer and cardiovascular conditions 


Detect and monitor the progression of cancer and cardiovascular conditions such as congestive heart failure.

Cancer and cardiovascular conditions

Detect and monitor the progression of cancer and cardiovascular conditions such as congestive heart failure.

Thoracic and abdominal disease

Accurately assess  soft tissue diseases affecting the lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen, and major vessels .

Compatible with Siemens Healthineers and GE Healthcare MRI systems

 With the Veterinary body array workflows can be customized for each clinical indication to quicken throughput without compromising small image quality 


Veterinary Clinical Case Studies


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FAQ for Veterinarians

What are the key features of the veterinary body array for small animals? The veterinary body array offers high-resolution imaging, tailored protocols for different small animal species, and a compact design that fits into most veterinary practices. It includes advanced software for image analysis and enhanced diagnostic capabilities, ensuring precise and detailed imaging results.

How does the veterinary body array improve diagnostic accuracy compared to traditional methods? The body array provides superior image quality with higher resolution and better contrast, enabling veterinarians to detect subtle abnormalities that might be missed with traditional X-rays or ultrasound. This leads to more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatment plans for small animal patients

What is the training process for using the veterinary body array? We offer comprehensive training sessions for veterinarians and their staff, including hands-on training, online tutorials, and ongoing support. Our goal is to ensure your team is fully equipped to operate the device efficiently and maximize its diagnostic potential.

Can the veterinary body array be integrated with existing practice management systems? Yes, the veterinary body array is designed for seamless integration with most practice management systems. This allows for easy storage, retrieval, and sharing of imaging data, streamlining the workflow and enhancing the overall efficiency of your practice.

What are the maintenance and support options available for the veterinary body array? We provide a range of maintenance and support options, including remote technical support, and on-site servicing. Our dedicated customer service team is available to assist with any issues and ensure your body array operates at peak performance.

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