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body array

The first body array designed for pediatric patients. Our 24-channel MR Coil is built with proprietary printed technology, optimized to increase scan acceleration, provide exceptional image resolution, and improve patient throughput and patient experience.

Small Size. Mega Power.

Flexible array enables a close fit to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio and provide high spatial and temporal resolution

High coil density maximizes parallel imaging capabilities to improve imaging speed

Coil elements are sized for pediatric patients and are without hard nodules so patients can lie on the array comfortably

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Designed for Kids

Our body array is designed for a child's anatomy. It features a reassuring kid-friendly dinosaur-themed design that puts children at ease alleviating anxiety



Our featherlight yet powerful 24-channel coil eliminates the need for coil supports where adult coils are too heavy for the patient, improving fit, image quality and patient comfort

Fast Body Array Set-Up

Our body array pad weighs less than 1 pound making it easy to handle and fast to set up.  This may reduce the time from scan to diagnostic images thereby reducing additional diagnostic procedures. It can improve patient cooperation, which may reduce the need for sedation or anesthesia and reduce the need for repeat exams.

Read our Case Studies

Learn how InkSpace Imaging is setting the new industry standard for printed, flexible, featherlight MR coils

Our body array 

reduces a child's anxiety to improve patient


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body array 

 for a fast and 

efficient MR suite throughput

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