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Clinical Partnerships

[InkSpace Imaging] Clinical Partnerships


InkSpace Imaging is dedicated to aiding the discovery and validation of novel clinical applications by using our flexible and lightweight magnetic resonance (MR) radio frequency (RF) coils.


We work closely with clinicians, MR technologists, MR physicists, and other MR scientists to support evidence-based pilot studies to demonstrate the new clinical value propositions enabled by our IRF coil technology.

Our Clinical Partnership and Pilot Study Support Program focuses on collaborators only in the United States.

Our program aims to create solid clinical partnerships that enhance diagnostic precision, innovation, and patient care delivery. Our goal is to connect the clinical MR community with our advanced MR coils so that we can collaboratively create new clinical value propositions that define medical imaging best practices. By doing so, we can enhance healthcare providers' capabilities and ensure patients receive the most advanced diagnostic care available.

Study Criteria

A pilot study must be completed within six months, and the proposed budget, including all overhead costs, should not exceed $5,000.


In select cases, the InkSpace Imaging RF coil may be provided to complete the pilot study. The outcomes of the pilot studies are expected to be shared with the MR community by publishing them in peer-reviewed journals and presenting them at national and international conferences.


Successful pilot studies will lead to additional funding submissions from other grant agencies and foundations.


If you're interested in collaborating, please fill out the form below to be considered for an invitation to complete an application for pilot study support.


A complete application should clearly define the study's purpose and specific aims, study impact, research approach, study timeline, and budget justification.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Completing the form is the preliminary step in the process.  Once completed and submitted, we will reach out to discuss this further.

Complete Application
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