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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there special protocols to be used with the Snuggle Pediatric Body Array?

The coil is plug-and-play out of the box. No special protocols/sequences are needed."

Each radiologist/technologist seems to tune parameters to their liking in a space allowed by the OEMs. They can increase resolution and acceleration on current protocols using the improved Signal-to-Noise ratio provided by our MRI coil.

How much better is the imaging quality with this coil solution vs standard coils?

There is a tradeoff of sharpness and speed of the scan in the range of roughly 25-50% sharper or 50% faster. It depends on the preference of the radiologist and the chosen sequence and acceleration.

One of the teams we work with has chosen to go for 30% better imaging quality AND 15% faster imaging. They wanted to emphasize “… that the better AND faster is not something we ever get in MRI. It's usually better OR faster".

How does the flexible design work with motion?

The flexible design does not negatively affect motion tracking or artefacts. The coil sits closer to the patient then any other coil and they can accelerate the procedure more than with any other coil, so motion becomes less of an issue. The patients also move less due to much less weight. Radiologists, technologists and patients love it.

Can your coils work with all OEMs?

While this technology can work with all scanner OEMs, the current Snuggle and Silhouette FDA-cleared coils are compatible with Siemens 3T and GE 3T systems.


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