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InkSpace Imaging Announces Partnership with American Medical Imaging

PLEASANTON, CA –February 21, 2024 – InkSpace Imaging announced a strategic distribution partnership with American Medical Imaging (AMI), a leading US distributor of medical imaging equipment. This alliance will significantly enhance InkSpace Imaging's capacity to distribute its technologically advanced range of Silhouette* adult and Snuggle* pediatric MRI body arrays, making them accessible to a broader audience of hospitals and diagnostic imaging professionals nationwide. 

InkSpace Imaging Silhouette and Snuggle body arrays

Dr. Peter Fischer, CEO of InkSpace Imaging, shared his excitement about the partnership, emphasizing, "We are immensely pleased with this new partnership, as it represents a perfect alignment of vision and values between our two organizations. Their expertise, resources, and commitment to diagnostic imaging innovation make them the right fit for us, and we are excited about what we can achieve together."

AMI shares InkSpace Imaging's enthusiasm for the partnership, recognizing the transformative potential of their body arrays in diagnostic imaging.

"InkSpace Imaging's technology is precisely what the medical industry needs to advance patient care," stated Joel Studt, President of Advanced Medical Imaging. "We are proud to bring this revolutionary technology to hospitals and clinics nationwide. Together, we are poised to set new standards in medical imaging."

The partnership takes effect immediately. Both companies are dedicated to ensuring the successful deployment of this technology by providing training and support to healthcare professionals to maximize the benefits of these advanced imaging solutions.

About American Medical Imaging

American Medical Imaging is a leading medical imaging solutions provider, offering a wide range of radiology devices and services to healthcare providers across the United States. With a commitment to quality and innovation, American Medical Imaging strives to enhance patient care and improve diagnostic outcomes.


About InkSpace Imaging

InkSpace Imaging is an award-winning medical device manufacturer specializing in creating lightweight and flexible MRI receive coils for diagnostic imaging and multi-modality systems. Their body arrays allow radiologists to customize MRI experiences for individual patients that improve treatment outcomes and enhance patient-centered care. The breakthroughs led by InkSpace Imaging are setting new standards in radiology, making them a leader in the field.

Silhouette and Snuggle are trademarks of InkSpace Imaging.


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