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InkSpace Imaging Coils for Kids featured in ASRT Scanner in Technological Advances

In an era where medical technology evolves at breakneck speed, standing out at a global event like the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2023 is no small feat. Yet, InkSpace Imaging did just that; we shone brightly being featured in this month's edition of the ASRT Scanner. With innovation at our core, we showcased at RSNA how our Silouhette adult and Snuggle pediatric body arrays for Siemens and GE 3T systems provide patient-centric care with enhanced diagnostic precision through our state-of-the-art imaging solutions.

InkSpace Imaging Featured in ASRT Scanner

Pioneering Flexible, Adaptable MRI Coils

Our huggable, adaptable, and flexible MRI pediatric coil available was at the forefront of our showcase.

It's important to note that our magnetic resonance body array coil was designed based on the insights provided by MRI technologists who extensively tested the coil. Their feedback led to using our soft and flexible fabrics and the housing of the electronics in the cabling so it doesn't lie on the patient, reducing the pad weight to 0.8 pounds. These and other feedback they provided led to a game-changing product in magnetic resonance imaging.

Traditional rigid coils often compromise on patient comfort, which can affect image quality and, consequently, the accuracy of diagnoses. Another factor is the amount of rigid coils required for each anatomic application. The InkSpace Imaging flexible body array contours seamlessly to the patient's body and can be used in various applications while providing enhanced comfort without sacrificing image quality.

This innovation represents a significant leap forward in MRI technology. Technologists can now easily monitor respiratory activity due to lightweight body arrays. It also improves SNR, makes scans faster, increases comfort, decreases anxiety, and, most importantly, reduces the need for patient sedation and increases throughput.

Commitment to Accessibility

Another highlight of our participation in RSNA 2023 was our commitment to making advanced imaging technology more accessible. Recognizing healthcare providers' challenges in terms of cost and space, InkSpace Imaging has designed its solutions to be cost-effective and adaptable to various applications. One InkSpace Imaging body array can eliminate the need for several dedicated anatomic rigid coils.

RSNA 2023 Leading Through Change

The theme of RSNA 2023, "Leading through Change," perfectly encapsulates the essence of InkSpace Imaging's mission. In a world where medical technology must constantly evolve to meet changing healthcare needs, InkSpace Imaging is at the forefront, driving innovation in imaging technology. Our presence at the event highlighted our pioneering solutions and underscored our role as leaders in the diagnostic imaging industry, committed to improving patient care through innovation.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to develop our imaging technologies, the implications for the future of radiology and patient care are vast. With each advancement, we are setting new standards for comfort, precision, and accessibility in diagnostic imaging. Our success at RSNA 2023 is just a glimpse of the potential impact of our technologies on healthcare.

As we look to the future, it's clear that we will continue to lead through change, shaping the future of medical imaging and enhancing patient care for years to come. By pushing the boundaries of what's possible in imaging technology, we are not just changing the game; we are redefining it, ensuring that patients and healthcare providers alike can look forward to a future where diagnostic precision and patient comfort go hand in hand.


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