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InkSpace Imaging MR body arrays now compatible with all Siemens Healthineers 3T Magnetom Scanners

Pleasanton, CA—March 8, 2024. InkSpace Imaging proudly announces that its Snuggle™ and Silhouette™ MRI body arrays are now certified and compatible in the United States with the complete range of Siemens Healthineers TIM 4G 3T Magnetom MRI scanners. The certification includes Vida, Vida Fit, Lumina, Skyra, Prisma, Prisma Fit, Cima.X, and Cima.X Fit models.

This achievement highlights InkSpace Imaging's dedication to innovation in diagnostic imaging, ensuring that radiologists, MR technologists, hospitals, and patients nationwide can enjoy the advantages of their Snuggle™ and Silhouette™ body arrays. Tailored for patients of all ages, from newborns to adults, their MR coils exhibit remarkable flexibility, lightness, and slimness. The body contouring blanket-like design improves SNR, reduces scan times, and improves patient throughput. The MR coils offer an unparalleled patient experience designed to alleviate anxiety, reduce the need for sedation, and minimize additional procedures.

Siemens Healthineer also granted certification for the combined use of the Snuggle™ and Silhouette™ arrays for MAGNETOM MR coils, including:

  • Spine 24, Spine 32, Biomatrix Spine 24, Biomatrix Spine 32, Biomatrix Spine 72

  • Body 6, Body 18, Body 18 long, Body 30, Biomatrix Body 12, Biomatrix Body 18

  • Flex 4 S, Flex 4 L

  • Ultraflex 18 S, Ultraflex 18 L

  • Head/Neck 16, Head/Neck 20, Biomatrix Head/Neck 20, Head 32, Head/Neck 64, Biomatrix Head/Neck 64, Tx/Rx CP Head/Neck

  • Tx/Rx Knee 15 Flare, Tx/Rx Knee 18, Foot/Ankle 16, Hand/Wrist 16, Shoulder 16 S+L, Shoulder Shape 16

Dr. Peter Fischer, CEO of InkSpace Imaging, expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with Siemens Healthineers, stating, "Our collaboration enables healthcare professionals to leverage the combined strengths of both companies' technologies, facilitating superior patient care and diagnostic outcomes. We are thrilled that our patient-focused MRI coils are now accessible to all US Siemens Healthineers 3T MRI scanner sites."

About InkSpace Imaging:

InkSpace Imaging is an award-winning medical device manufacturer specializing in lightweight and flexible MRI receive coils for Diagnostic Imaging and Multi-modality systems. Their body arrays empower radiologists to customize MRI experiences for individual patients, thus improving treatment outcomes and enhancing patient-centered care. The breakthroughs led by InkSpace Imaging are setting new standards in radiology.


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Howard Peters

Vice President, Sales and Marketing


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