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InkSpace Imaging Closes Its First Round of Private Funding in 2019

February 28, 2019 07:26 PM Eastern Standard Time

BERKELEY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE) InkSpace Imaging, a medical device startup based at the University of California, Berkeley, has closed its first round of private funding, securing funds for continued growth. A recent graduate of the Spring 2018 SkyDeck Cohort, InkSpace Imaging is dedicated to developing new MRI coil technology that is more comfortable for patients and provides reliability and great performance during exams.

InkSpace Imaging was founded in 2016 to develop new, lightweight, patient-friendly MRI coils that decrease exam time and improve image quality. In particular, InkSpace Imaging is developing devices for pediatric patients to minimize the need for anesthesia during the exam and increase patient comfort. The company is looking to improve MRI exams for all patients in the future, not just limited to pediatric patients.

“We are excited to begin the new year with this round of funding with partners who share the same goals as our company,” says co-founder Dr. Ana C. Arias.

InkSpace Imaging is looking forward to seeing patient care improve with the implementation of its new technology.

InkSpace Imaging pediatric coils are currently being used by care teams at the Stanford Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, as well as UCSF Medical Center. The company is working with doctors and researchers to be able to produce the highest quality pediatric product on the market.

InkSpace Imaging was founded to improve healthcare and revolutionize MRI exams. With this financial investment, InkSpace Imaging will continue its dedication to producing the latest MRI coil technology. Contacts Carly Thompson Office Manager at InkSpace Imaging (510) 859-3822


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