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InkSpace Imaging receives FDA Clearance for a 24-channel Small Body Array Compatible with Siemens Healthineers 3T Systems

PLEASANTON, CA – January 11,  2024 – InkSpace Imaging, a leader in innovative diagnostic medical device technology, is proud to announce it received FDA clearance for its next-generation Small Body Array for the Siemens Healthineers Magnetom Skyra and

Vida series 3T MRI scanners. This new medical device is part of their industry-leading suite of MR coils designed to revolutionize the patient experience while enhancing efficiency in MRI scans and clinical diagnosis.

InkSpace Imaging Small Body Array
InkSpace Imaging Siemens Small Body Array

The technologically advanced Siemens Healthineers 3T Systems Small Body Array is huggable, lightweight, and flexible. It wraps around patients like a blanket, ensuring unparalleled image quality. The body contouring design optimizes the signal-to-noise ratio, which is crucial for detecting subtle abnormalities often missed by standard rigid, conventional coils. This leap in image quality means quicker and more accurate diagnoses, especially in complex cases.

This design marks a dramatic shift from conventional coils, as InkSpace Imaging's coils are up to 80 percent lighter and provide a 10-40% faster throughput. The design of the Small Body Array is especially noteworthy for its flexibility, allowing it to conform to a wide range of patient anatomies and sizes, significantly reducing scan times and minimizing the duration patients need to remain still. This adaptability ensures all patients receive optimal imaging experiences, enhanced patient comfort, and significantly benefits technologists by streamlining the imaging process due to its high coil element density.

Dr. Peter Fischer, CEO of InkSpace Imaging, stated: The FDA clearance of InkSpace Imaging's Small Body Array marks a pivotal moment in MRI technology advancement. Our suite of MR coils is a game-changer, offering total freedom in coil positioning and handling. What's truly impressive is how our thin flexible coil contours to each patient's body, offering comfort while enhancing image quality. It's a win-win for patients and healthcare providers alike.

The FDA clearance of InkSpace Imaging's Small Body Array is a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and improving patient care. This breakthrough technology again sets a new standard in MRI imaging.

About InkSpace Imaging

InkSpace Imaging is an award-winning medical device manufacturer specializing in lightweight and flexible MRI receive coils for Diagnostic Imaging and Multi-modality systems. Their body arrays allow radiologists to customize MRI experiences for individual patients that improve treatment outcomes and enhance patient-centered care. The breakthroughs led by InkSpace Imaging are setting new standards in radiology, making them a leader in the field.


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Howard Peters

Vice President, Sales and Marketing


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